Piedmont Investment Advisors, LLC, located in Lansdowne (Leesburg) Virginia, is a registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. When Bill Militello, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, founded Piedmont Investment Advisors in 2003, he set out to create not just another financial advisor or boutique investment firm, but rather to create a new “category” in financial services. His view is that the delivery of investment advice by financial advisors was ripe for innovation, and it has been Militello’s vision to challenge the conventional model. He believes that asset
allocation should not be constrained to publicly traded stocks and bonds, and that the relationship between the client and the financial advisor should be free of conflicts.To execute this philosophy, Piedmont Investment Advisors has developed a revolutionary investment model that is composed of three interdependent concepts: Liquidity, Wealth Creation, and Wealth Preservation. According to Militello, “Today there are opportunities in deep value real estate as well as in venture capital backed technologies like SaaS, cloud computing, social networking and mobile applications
that will lead worldwide technological innovation and millions of employment opportunities in the U.S. Many innovative ideas are being overlooked and the opportunity for investors to share in the growth of the venture backed companies developing these ideas is being missed.  Piedmont Investment Advisor’s objective is to fill the void and bridge the dislocation between idle investor capital and great ideas, in order to bring wealth creation opportunities to our clients.”